Stream Owls’ New Record, ‘Two’

Owls - 'Two'

Marking their first full length since 2001’s Owls, indie rock act Owls are gearing up to release their newest work, Two, with a full album stream. Featuring Tim Kinsella, Mike Kinsella (better known as Owen), Sam Zurich, and Victor Villareal, Owls is understandably a little out there. Consisting of the entire line-up from the highly influential Cap’n Jazz, excluding Davey von Bohlen (who instead went on to form The Promise Ring), it’s safe to say Owls is a group stacked with influential and highly important musicians.

Streaming over at the A.V. Club, if you are ready to get a little weird, make sure to check out this awesome, long-awaited release.

Drew Caruso

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