Popular Leak Site TheLastDisaster Shuts Down For Good


Another long-running hub for music piracy is no more.

Over the last twenty-four hours, the popular leak site known as The Last Disaster has been forced to shutter its piracy blog after seven years of sharing music with the world. Updates posted by the owners of the site to Facebook indicate that those in control were locked out of their datacenter, which essentially brought their entire operation to a halt.

This is not the first time a long-running piracy outlet has been shutdown seemingly out of the blue, and to be frank we hope it’s far from the last. Artists, especially smaller acts like those featured on sites such as The Last Disaster, depend on financial support from fans to survive. If you want your favorite scene to thrive it requires more support than a few tweets every time something new is released. Dig deep and do whatever you can to pay for the music you love. You’ll feel better, the artists you love will be able to create more, and who knows? The music may even sound a bit better because you know you acquired it through honest means.

James Shotwell

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