‘Hercules’ Trailer: The Rock Makes Kellin Lutz Look Like A Punk


Over the last decade, movie-going audiences have watched as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson pummeled bad guys and pulled off mind-blowing action sequences featuring all sorts of technology, but for his latest action epic he’ll be stepping back in time for a tale built around swords, torches, and a whole lot of CGI animals.

Hercules, which is not to be confused with the embarrassingly bad Legend Of Hercules that opened stateside in January, replaces Twilight star Kellin Lutz with the far more talented (and ripped) Dwayne Johnson for an updated take on the legendary man at the center of many greek myths. The first trailer introduces Johnson’s version of the character, along with enough eye-popping action teasers to cause your butt to slide to the edge of your seat. You can view the clip below.

There is an argument to be made over whether or not we need another Hercules film, even if it is an ‘updated’ version, but so far the content shown for this adaption seems pretty damn enjoyable. The Rock is as large as he has ever been, and for the first time in a while he will have to use that muscle to defeat beasts and villains of all shapes and sizes, including a 3-headed hydra (which looks incredibly badass).

Hercules opens nationwide July 25, 2014.

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