Stream S. Carey’s Gorgeous New LP, ‘Range of Light’

S. Carey

S. Carey’s Range of Light has been on my iPod for the past few weeks now, and I am more than happy for the rest of the world to share in its beauty with me. In what is my favorite release from the year thus far, Range of Light is an incredible journey that demands your attention, and your escapist thoughts.

Led by Bon Iver drummer Sean Carey, Range of Light is a nine track adventure through the wonders and rewards of the natural world we inhabit. Featuring Carey’s swooning vocals, exceptional ear for melody, as well as a range of instruments as vast as one could imagine, Range of Light is a record meant to be experienced through the Earth itself. Featuring vocal assistance from Justin Vernon, sit back, shut your eyes, and open your ears, your evening has arrived.

Head over to The New York Times to meet your new favorite record, and expect a review of the astonishing work from us in the near future. The record will be released April 1 through Jagjaguwar.

Drew Caruso

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