No Malice Proclaims “I am not doing another Clipse album”


In the early days of 2014 there was a rumor circling the net that Clipse had finally reunited in the studio and were hard at work on a new album with The Neptunes. Pusha T stepped forward said those claims were false, but he would not say whether or not plans existed at the time for Clipse to one day record again. Today, thanks to Rapzilla, it seems we have our answer.

During a brief appearance at SXSW, No Malice did an interview where he explained that he has no intentions to ever record another album under the Clipse name. He has moved on with his life and wants to hope his fans, who have been patiently waiting for new material, have moved on as well. He likes to think that his listeners have matured along with him, and that they can understand he no longer has any interest in the work he used to do in what now feels like a previous life. You can view the interview below (Clipse talk happens around 3:00).

No Malice does suggest that he may have new music on the way from his solo project in 2014, but stresses he does not want to confirm or guarantee anything until whatever it is he is working on is actually complete.

Pusha T has yet to respond to No Malice’s comments, but given how good things seem to be between the two I doubt he will have much to say. Stay tuned.

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