UTG PHOTOS: The Never Sober Tour (3/25/14)


Under The Gun sent guest photographer, Tyler LaBeau, to The Never Sober Tour at The Crofoot in Pontiac, MI.

The Never Sober Tour was exactly what the name implies. From the second I got out of my car and walked towards the venue, everyone in line was under the in?uence and ready to party all night. Before I myself made it inside, I saw one girl get taken away by paramedics, and 3 people turned away at the door for being too far under the in?uence to function properly. So needless to say, I was at a Juicy J show. With this being my ?rst rap show to shoot, I’ll admit I had no idea what to expect, but the second the opening act began performing, it was instantly one of the most hype shows I’d ever seen. From there, I knew I was in for a fun time.

Once the local opener was ?nished, it was time for Project Pat, who I was anxious to see because though I don’t listen to much rap, I know my mom and uncle used to listen to Project Pat back in the day so I was interested in hearing a rapper who has been around for quite some time. Again, once he took the stage, things became instantly exciting and I witnessed a super solid performance out of him.

But nothing prepared me for what was still to come for this show. Travis Scott was up next and was given a lengthy introduction from his DJ, who was playing some hits for the crowd to hype them up for him. Travis Scott came out bringing the energy from the get-go spraying water at the crowd, stage diving, climbing on things, and just all over the place. Travis Scott was as far as I’m concerned, the energy of the night.

Finally after a crowd chant lasting about 5 straight minutes, Juicy J comes out and I could not believe the amount of fangirl screams and pure excitement coming from that crowd. Juicy J got into his set hard right from the start, absolutely killing it. Then he took a break to pour some cups of champagne to hand out to the crowd to enjoy with him, but carefully making sure to hand them only to the people with drinking wristbands of course. Immediately after, Juicy J began playing his most recent hit, “Dark Horse,” which is Katy Perry’s song he features in, but he pulled it off by getting the crowd involved in singing along with the track playing as he rapped over it, doing an amazing job. Overall, Juicy J and the Never Sober Tour were a well-rounded, entertaining, strong group of rappers all touring together to bring the ruckus every single night of this tour, and their fans were more than satis?ed.




Corbin Alvae

Tour Manager.
Road Warrior.
Artist Manager at Brace Yourself Management.
Head of Photography at UTG.
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