A Thorn For Every Heart Join Growing List Of ‘Scene’ Bands From Mid-Late 2000s Reuniting This Year


It’s the dawn of a new week, so naturally there is a reunion tidbit making its way around the blogosphere that a small portion of the alternative music audience is ecstatic about while those born closer to the Y2K scare scratch their heads with indifference.

A Thorn For Every Heart originally went their separate ways in 2007, but began the fact they were ‘considering’ a reunion in the fall of 2013. Today they announced their first show back will take place at the Get Busy Living Festival June 7th at the Granada Theatre in Ontario, California. Fifteen bands will be playing totals, including Speaking the Kings, Gigantes and Stanley and the Search.

We expect A Thorn For Every Heart will announce more dates will roll out as 2014 lumbers along, but for now those wanting to hear “February” will have to book flights to California. There have been no mentions of plans to record or seek label support.

I was never a big fan of A Thorn For Every Heart. They were one of those bands Last.Fm kept suggesting I would like because I listened to a lot of post-hardcore, but for whatever reason it just never clicked. That said, they created one hell of an Oingo Boingo cover for Punk Goes 80s, so I have decided to make that the song we share with this post.

We’ll bring you more on A Thorn For Every Heart’s reunion as soon as additional information becomes available.

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