Watch Brand New Cover Coldplay and Modest Mouse

Brand New Live 2

Brand New have done their fair share of covers over time, often showing a lot of love for Neutral Milk Hotel way back when. A few days ago, though, the band played a show at the London Troxy and mixed up “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot” with a little bit of Coldplay and Modest Mouse.

This isn’t the first time Jesse’s launched into Coldplay during “The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot,” but hearing all three together–that, Coldplay’s “Yellow,” and Modest Mouse’s “Trailer Trash”–is the emotional combo that tops off an already perfect song. Watch a video of the performance (with impressive audio) below thanks to YouTube user Daniel Goodrich.

Don’t forget Brand New just announced a bunch of summer tour dates, including stops at Boston Calling Music Festival and Common Ground Festival.

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  • Brian Lion

    Really love the guy next to the mic making the video so much better with his excellent singing voice. 10/10