Here Is The Reason Why Everyone Is Suddenly Interested In Avril Lavigne Again


Avril Lavigne – aka Mrs. Chad Kroeger – has gone through many musical evolutions since the days when she hung out with Sk8r Bois at the local mall, but her latest transformation may baffle even longtime supporters (if those even exist at this point).

“Hello Kitty” is the latest single and video to be release from Lavigne as a means to promote her 2013 self-titled album. It’s a wildly chaotic clip, which finds Avril and a team of Japanese dancers attempting to spark viral video trendiness with over-the-top visuals, weird costumes, and all the bright colors you can possibly imagine. We need to discuss the music, but you really should see the video and hear the song before we go any further.

Okay – What the hell did we all just watch? “Hello Kitty” may be the most confusing video to be released since Katy Perry debuted “Dark Horse,” and I would go as far as to wager this clip is far more bizarre. Lavigne prances around the various sets like a teen, showcasing her two years too late Skrillex haircut, and lip syncing what unbelievably passes for major label lyricism in 2014.

Looking past the obviously ridiculous nature of the visuals and lyrics, let’s take a quick moment and focus on the music. I admittedly had to watch twice before I even heard the song, as the sheer overload of half-assed attempts at clickbait content numbed my conscious to a dull roar of white static, but when I did become clear once more I was further concerned still. The verses ooze with the hyper pop rock of Lavigne’s recent releases, only with an extra helping of production tweaks that make almost no sense in the context of the song until the dubstep break kicks in around a minute into the song. From there it’s a wash of forgettable confectionery studio magic and the repetition of nonsense lines like “come, come, kitty, kitty, you’re so pretty, pretty.”

I don’t know what happened to Avril Lavigne over the last 4 years or so, but the evolution of her career in music has begun to mirror Lindsay Lohan’s in film, only with less tabloid exposure and drugs. Her albums were never my favorite, but for several years she commanded a niche of the alt-rock/pop world that she could have held forever. Her efforts to be a bit more pop friendly were admirable at first, but now feel six months behind.

We all know Avril Lavigne is better than whatever this is supposed to be, but something tells me she may need to remind herself.

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  • Kriston McConnell

    I used to love a lot of her old music. I stopped liking her after her second album though.