Suge Knight Claims Tupac Is Alive

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Suge Knight has just ripped open the lid on one of hip hop’s biggest mysteries.

TMZ caught up with Death Row Records’ Suge Knight yesterday evening as the label owner was exiting 1Oak. Knight opened with a profanity laced rant about the ways he feels disrespected right now, as well as his continuing issues with Puff Daddy, but it’s the bomb he dropped regarding his most famous signee that is making headlines today.

Answering claims that he had something to do with Pac’s death, Suge responded, “Everybody know off the top, I ain’t the nigga killed Tupac. I’m the nigga protected Tupac!” He then began to explain to the cameras that the reason no one has ever been arrested for the fallen rapper’s death is because he is in fact still alive. “Tupac not dead. He somewhere on an island smoking a Cuban cigar,” Knight claimed.

You can view footage of the late night encounter below.

Tupac Shakur was gunned down on the Las Vegas strip in 1996. There have been books and films made about the investigation into the rapper’s death, but not a single suspect has ever been arrested, which is why conspiracy theorists are likely going to have a field day with this footage. I am not so sure we should rush to believe Tupac pulled off the one trick even Andy Kaufman could not complete, but I guess stranger things have probably happened. What do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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