Ariana Grande Tells Us What Makes Someone Good “Boyfriend Material” On New B-Side


I am officially in love with Ariana Grande.

The buzz surrounding Ariana Grande has steadily risen since the fall of 2013, and now that her album is nearing its one-year anniversary the pop starlet has begun sharing some material that did not make the final cut. The latest b-side to surface, a full song titled “Boyfriend Material,” can be found at the end of this post. The song combines the feel good nature of ’50s pop with the ultra-sleek production of the modern era to create an enchanting and downright adorable love song that will have every guy dropping to one knee in hopes of making Ms. Grande their wife.

Ladies, if you want your guy to dream about no one other than you, I might advise you to think twice before sharing this track with the gentleman in your life. Grande never touches on themes of sex or sultry romance, but she does present the idea that any guy who knows the right things to say and do could have a chance with someone as lovely as she, which all of us guys know to be false even if we would never admit it to each other.

Keep up the good work, Ariana. Our hearts are yours to break.

James Shotwell

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