Jimmy Page Responds to Led Zeppelin Glastonbury Rumors

Led Zeppelin with jet

Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis said earlier this year that he was “sure” Led Zeppelin would play his festival one day. Now, guitarist Jimmy Page has responded to his comments and addressed the chances of the band headlining in the coming years when talking with BBC Radio 6 Music host Shaun Keaveny.

“I haven’t heard about anything since the 2007 O2 gig, but you never know do you,” said Page. “You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, do you?” The band has carved a spot in music history as one of the most important rock bands not just for their sound and style, but the evolution of its members. “You had superstars in other bands at that time, but you didn’t have four who were real masters of their craft who could play as a band like that,” he says. “Not at this time. We were an amazing live band from the start and I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. We were on top of the game. Anybody’s game.”

Led Zeppelin have recently reissued I, II, and III as a celebration of the band’s achievements, to introduce a new generation to their music, and to remind people what a “fucking good band” they were. “I hope young musicians find it a source of inspiration,” said Page. “That’s how I learned, and that’s what’s so seductive about this nerdish thing. Led Zeppelin have real serious musical mastery and this is passing it on. It’s a cool thing to do.” The reissues come out today on CD, vinyl, and digital with remastered and previously unheard tracks. The band hopes to release all nine studio albums in the same style over the years.


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