How To Dress Well Finishes Music Video Trilogy With “Childhood Faith In Love”

How To Dress Well Video

R&B neo-crooner How To Dress Well has given us a bit of time to soak up his gorgeous new album, What Is This Heart?since it came out in June. Now he’s coming back, swinging that emotional stick hard until we’ve all cried more than we’re used to. To support the LP, he announced that a trilogy of music videos would be made. Things began with the heartfelt “Repeat Pleasure” where a hospice nurse fell in love with her patient’s grandson, continued in “Face Again” where the couple had to deal with loss, and now comes to a close with “Childhood Faith In Love.”

This time the couple begin to learn how to free themselves from death and memory, even though they are still feeling the effects of the boy’s grandfather passing away. In a single carefree day, the two give way to life and let it take them away — reminding us all that sometimes the childlike romanticism of tiny moments is the best thing way to escape your mind. Having it shot on HD cameras helps, too.

Check it out below:

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