Slipknot Keep It Creepy (And Sort Of Pointless) With Latest Album Teaser


I’m starting to believe that if you have seen one promotional video for the new Slipknot album you have more or less seen them all. It’s (k)not that I am (k)not excited for the new album, it’s just that I saw The Ring pull the same creepy motion effect a decade ago and as far as I can tell none of the nonsensical horror themed visuals we have seen thus far are attempting to tell any kind of story.

TL;DR: I don’t really ‘get it.’

All that said, a fourth teaser for the new album from Slipknot quietly found its way online over the weekend. The clip offers a lot of static and some creep imagery of otherwise gorgeous women in gothic settings. No mention of music is made, but there is a faint sound of drumming somewhere in the distance. You can view the clip below:

We all get it at this point, right? Slipknot are back and they have a new album coming. It’s rumored that it will arrive before Knotfest later this year, but again we won’t know for sure until they stop releasing these clips and get back to the thing we all wanted in the first place: Releasing new music.

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