Walking With Strangers End Hiatus, Plan On Releasing New Music

Walking With Strangers

Last April Walking With Strangers announced that after 6 years of being a band they would be going on an indefinite hiatus. Their Facebook page has been relatively quiet since then, except for the last couple of weeks. After a bit of teasing, the band finally announced earlier this morning that they are officially ending their hiatus. They stated that about four months ago they decided to start writing some new music. You can read the announcement they made below, as well as check out a brief video with some additional information as well as a clip of a new song.

Be sure to check in again soon for additional updates from the band. We anticipate hearing some new songs from them in the near future.

We said early last year that if we woke up one day and felt that it’s was time to write some new shit, we would make it happen. We are happy to say that about four months ago we decided that we miss this shit to much and that its time to make some new music.
Right now we are writing on our second album and the sound of this album is starting to feel like what we wanted to sound like but weren’t able to express earlier.

During our time down we have grown alot as individuals and we have been able to look back at what made us call the hiautus in the first place. On our first meeting 4 months ago we all made clear what steps we had to take within the band to avoid getting into that spot again and we are glad to say it has been working for us. Going on a hiautus was the right call.
Thanks for still caring about us we have been getting alot of messages from you fans out there about coming back and to be honest those messages are a huge deal of us getting back together again. We really didn’t know if anybody still cared about us after all this time but the messages kept coming and thats why we decided to give this a go again. Tell your friends and keep hitting that share button
Thank you for all the support! We hope to catch you on the road asap so we can thank you all in person!

/ Anton, Christian, Christoffer, Pontus & Robin

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