Spin 360 Degrees in The Kooks’ “Forgive & Forget” Video

The Kooks Forgive Forget

English indie rock heartthrobs The Kooks have dropped a new single titled “Forgive and Forget” this year as a precursor to their upcoming full-length, Listen, due out September 8 via Virgin/EMI (pre-orders are ongoing). In anticipation, they’ve shared a music video for the EP’s catchy title track.

The video shows all four members performing the song on a white, circular platform while modern go-go dancers in ’60s eye-ware twirl around them. In case their moves didn’t get your heart fluttering, the constant camera rotation will. Spin around in a full circle in what pans out as a bright video to accompany their classic bubbly pop sound, full of flashy guitar licks and a feel-good chorus. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled. Who knows if one of those platinum blonde wigs belongs to Sia or Lucius.

Watch the video below:

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