DROP EVERYTHING & JAM: Shadow Of Whales’ New EP Is The Best Thing You’ll Spin Today

Shadow of Whales

Thanks to an exclusive stream via our friends at AbsolutePunk, we have officially found our favorite new release of the day. Shadow of Whales, an Austin, Texas based indie-rock group, have dropped one of the sassiest and catchiest records in recent memory. Mixing synth-pop with a bit of post-hardcore aggression, the self-titled record comes off sounding like everything the new Panic At The Disco! record should have sounded like but missed completely.

It has power, it has drive, and it without a doubt contains some of the most grossly intimidating melodies around. Songs like the burlesque and barber shop-influenced “Bury The Hatchet,” and the infectiously indie pop track “Fall Back,” are locked and loaded, radio ready numbers just waiting to creep into households world wide.

Be a cool kid and jump on the Shadows of Whales bandwagon now before all your friends. Click the link to buy the record today and be sure to head over to AbsolutePunk to stream the record in full.

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  • Shadow of Whales

    thanks for the great review guys! :)