HOLY SH!T: Atreyu Drop New Track, “So Others May Live”


Just when you think today is a normal Friday for new music, one of the most buzzed-about reunions of 2014 hit you with a brand new track. That’s right, post-hardcore legends Atreyu have dropped a new tune and it’s one of the band’s heaviest numbers in recent memory.

The track, “So Others May Live,” is a blisteringly boastful number mirroring the band’s early years. It’s got the tenacity worthy of songs off Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses, but a more refined sound, like what we hear on A Death Grip On Yesterday. Frontman Alex Varkatzas had this to say about the new headbanger:

“‘So Others May Live’ is inspired by one of my best friends, who is ex-military. The things our troops go through to protect us are pretty unreal. Their treatment after leaves a lot to be desired, as well. The song honors them and condemns our government’s constant deployment of these brave souls. The people who fight and die for us often come from a certain socio-economic background — the working class. The people making these decisions to send our nation’s children to war come from positions of privilege and wealth; their kids aren’t the ones getting deployed and they aren’t risking their lives every day at work. Yet they order the working class to go ‘keep us safe’ at the drop of a hat, it feels like. It’s bullshit. It’s the politicians and the rich of this country waging war to keep the majority pre-occupied, so they can make money and advance their bullshit political agendas. The expense is ‘expendable’ working class/poor Americans’ lives, never the rich.”

Download the track for free on the band’s website or follow the jump to stream now. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Jack McAndrews

    Kind of a crappy social commentary there. Those of us in the combat arms come from a very diverse socio-economic background. You’d be shocked the number of enlisted infantrymen who have college degrees and are middle or even upper class. Myself included. I didn’t do this because I had to, I did this because I wanted to fight. That drive doesn’t come from poverty or money– it’s something different entirely.

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