FESTIVAL PREVIEW: The Best Riot Fest Chicago After Parties

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Riot Fest Chicago doesn’t have to end at 10 p.m. when the last band hits the closing note of the evening — no, the punk rock party scatters and moves throughout the city for various after parties and social events for you to attend at your pleasure.

Sets from Mineral, The Get Up Kids, Rise Against, Andrew W.K. (dj set), and many more will take place each evening as the after-hour festivities ensue.

You think you didn’t have your fill during the day? Follow the jump to check out our go-to after parties for Thursday-Sunday night this weekend.

Thursday: Rise Against, The Lawrence Arms, Touché Amoré, and Radkey

Is there really a better way to start North America’s most-talked about punk rock festival than with the best in the game? Thursday night is your chance to catch Rise Against in a club setting, where you can get sweaty and nasty and bond with a group of like-minded individuals. Support from The Lawrence Arms, Touché Amoré, and Radkey provide one of the most versitile lineups under the same “genre.” It’s as though the best are gathering to celebrate the kick-off of the most anticipated weekend of the year. Come to check out the juxtaposition between the hard-hitting and in your face music of Radkey, the overtly transparent lyricism of Touché Amoré and stay for the legendary Rise Against. — Matthew Leimkuehler, Music Editor & Feature Writer

Friday: Bad Religion with Anti-Flag

It almost feels weird to attend a punk rock festival without seeing a set from Bad Religion. The Riot Fest Chicago mainstays headlined the whole damn thing back in 2010, when the event was still confined to a number of Chicago’s small theaters and clubs, and returned for a raucous mid-afternoon set last year, but this Friday night after party represents this weekend’s lone opportunity to see the Los Angeles punk legends. Even better is that it takes place at the Double Door, where the capacity is just under 500, but the beer is far cheaper and the crowds are even rowdier than you’ll find throughout the friendly confines of Humboldt Park. Anti-Flag opens the show, and seeing them here would help clear up that messy Wavves / The Orwells / RX Bandits Saturday morning logjam. Good luck with the rest. — Kevin Blumeyer, News & Review Writer

Saturday: Mineral and Into It. Over It.

As far as after shows go, nothing could be better than getting a band that has been defunct for nearly two decades to perform. Mineral, who announced their reunion in the spring, will be headlining Saturday evening’s show at the Double Door. If that isn’t enough to get you into this show, opening for them will be Into It. Over It., fronted by Evan Weiss who is considered to be one of the head honchos in the “emo revival.” He has also taken roles in bands such as Damiera, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, and Their/They’re/There (with Mike Kinsella, another emo god). There is no reason to not be at this show. — Corey From, News & Review Writer

Sunday: Official Riot Fest Post Hang

If you’re a normal human, and not some super-duper-rock-n-roll-god-like-music-absorbing-sponge-human, you’re probably aurally exhausted after three days of endless music. Well, Riot Fest has an after party for that.

Head out to the Emporium Arcade Bar for the official after party. What better way to recall all of the fantastic sets from the past weekend than kicking ass at skee-ball and talking about everything you witnessed? A must-attend for anyone not ready to let to the party stop. — Matthew Leimkuehler, Music Editor & Feature Writer

Check out all of the official after show Riot Fest Chicago activities here.

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