Required Listening: Weezer – “The British Are Coming”

Weezer 2014

Weezer have shared another song off their highly-anticipated new studio album, Everything Will Be Alright In The End.

There is no question whether or not Weezer fans will buy the group’s upcoming new album. The only question that remains at this point is how well the record will be received by those who have supported the band over the last two decades. The first two singles, “Back To The Shack” and “Cleopatra,” told us the fun-loving band we have all loved for years are still as hip as ever, but it’s their latest release that leads us to believe Everything Will Be Alright In The End might be Weezer’s best record in close to a decade.

Titled “The British Are Coming,” the latest song to surface off Everything finds Weezer tapping into a sound that brings to mind the best moments of The Green Album for a track about fighting back. It’s not an anthem for rebellion or a pit-inducing rock fest, but rather a straightforward rock track with an infectious melody and a guitar solo you won’t soon forget. The lyrics are strong as well, but it’s really the music that shines brightest on this offering. You can stream “The British Are Coming,” in full, below:

Everything Will Be Alright In The End is scheduled to his stores October 7. We expect additional songs will be released between now and then, so follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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  • Jess

    The melodies are present again this era, but the lyrics are as cringe-worthy as ever. Why can’t Rivers just stick to love songs? That’s where he excels (see Blue, Pink, Green, and, in retrospect, everything but “Beverly Hills” on Make Believe). We are DONE with your midlife crisis, Rivers. I would kill for another “This Is Such A Pity.”

  • Cameron Murray

    This is a ridiculous statement. Most songs on blue album are NOT love songs.

  • Cameron Murray

    unless you don’t understand the basic premise of a love song?

  • Cameron Murray

    Also, the idea that someone in their mid-late forties would purposefully write songs that match your teenage idea of that person is super sad…….get over it.

  • Ben Kahlil Hassenger

    The dude’s been married for eight years with two children… I wouldn’t trust him to write sad bastard love songs (that, in retrospect, were also pretty creepy and misogynistic) anymore.

  • Ouch Joust

    Awesome. Sounds like the Weezer I grew up with yet new. Great vocals.

  • RHova87

    Sadly, the World has turned and left Rivers here. This song might have been relatable in 1787. Bring back Matt Sharp! Maybe he has the balls to tell Rivers this blows.

  • Dave Brookes

    hey man this is the year 1787 , in 2014 again :) hehehe
    we are fighting evil once again, from a foreign land , in this case: the middle east and isis, and we have another black plague this time its ebola , lol
    so you see?? times havent changed at all :)~ thats why Weezer wanted to write The British Are Coming lol :)