Get Acquainted With All of Minus the Bear’s ‘Lost Loves’

Minus The Bear

Lost Loves is not new. It’s not old. It’s just a collection of songs that have never had a proper recording, or that we didn’t know existed.

Well, finally Minus the Bear have given us this package of glorious songs that were recorded during the sessions of Planet of Ice, Omni, and Infinity Overhead. Having heard “The Lucky Ones” and “Cat Calls & Ill Means,” the band isn’t trying to hide the prior fact.

The album has a strange sense of unity, as the songs aren’t clunky, or obviously recorded at different times. The band has a knack for capturing a distinct sound with each album to ensure their listeners won’t be disappointed, but with that, every album has some unique qualities. As easy as it is to hear the three different albums, it weirdly flows as if it were recorded all at the same time.

Songs like “Invented Memory” still take it down a notch and slow it down, whereas “Cat Calls & Ill Means” hits all over the place and is so in-your-face. The musicality is still top notch; with each song it shows that they’re only getting better.

The album is streaming in its entirety over at Pitchfork, and comes highly recommended; for new and old fans. And if they’re coming to your city for the They Make Beer Commercials Like This Anniversary Tour, be sure to see them. They’re insane live.

Corey From

Corey From, from Kansas City, MO, when not thinking about or listening to music, obsessively thinks about Royals baseball, a platter of ribs (or BBQ in general) and cold beer. Nothing special really.
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  • Brian Lion

    “They’re insane live.”

    Guess I got shorted. I saw them in 2009 at the college right behind my apartment; Portugal. The Man opened for them. P.TM absolutely destroyed and set the show off in an amazing way but Minus The Bear couldn’t have possibly been more boring. They sounded perfect but they literally just stood there the entire time; no movement whatsoever. It was a pretty disappointing end to the show. P.TM blew them out of the water in every way. I almost felt bad for MTB.

    “Cool story, bro…”