Owen Is Releasing An Album Of ‘Other People’s Songs’ – Listen To The First One


There’s a big batch of emo/Kinsella/American Football news from Brooklyn Vegan, with at least one bit of information for any fan of those things. The emo revival isn’t real anymore. Or, more accurately, it isn’t really a revival anymore. Emo is just here, popular and newsworthy.

Owen, one of Mike Kinsella‘s many projects (see also: the reunited American Football, the reactivated Owls, Their/They’re/There), will be releasing a covers album. The album will be released by Polyvinyl, naturally, and is titled Other People’s Songs — again, naturally. He’ll be covering a number of great songs from seminal bands from the ’90s, ’00s, and today, including Depeche Mode, Lungfish, The Promise Ring, and Against Me! Listen to the first cover, a take on The Smoking Pipes’ “Under The Blanket,” below via Stereogum.

Also, per Buzz Weekly, American Football guitarist Steve Holmes has talked about potential new material. Though downplaying the likelihood of it ever being recorded, it’s worth noting the tease. This quote appeared on Sean Neumann’s profile of the band’s reunion in advance of Pygmalion. Holmes said:

“There are no plans to record any new material currently. I wouldn’t rule it out, but the logistics of doing it are tough,” [guitarist Steve] Holmes said. “That said, I do have a few parts in my back pocket for potential new songs. Mike and I have worked on one of these so far, and we may try to finish it up to include in this run of shows.”

Tyler Hanan

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