For The Fallen Dreams And Favorite Weapon Robbed In St Louis

Favorite Weapon

The Amity Affliction are currently on a headlining tour in support of their most recent album, Let The Ocean Take Me. One of their recent stops was in St Louis, Missouri and two of the bands who were with them ended up being robbed while at the venue. Both Favorite Weapon and For The Fallen Dreams had their vans broken into, and various possessions were taken from each. The list of stolen items includes passports, cash, electronics and personal belongings. Though For The Fallen Dreams haven’t made a statement yet, Favorite Weapon posted a status asking for fans to help out their buddies in FTFD if possible. You can read what they had to say below.

We hope they end up recovering some of their lost possessions, and condemn those who have taken advantage of these touring bands.

Last night in St. Louis, our van was broken into and robbed. We lost a couple of passports, electronics, toiletries, and a few personal belongings of sentimental value that can’t be replaced. Our friends in For the Fallen Dreams were robbed also. A lot of their personal belongings, as well as computers, a substantial amount of money, and all of their passports are gone. If you can, in any way whatsoever, please help them out. They have been through so much on this tour already and this is just another devastating blow. If you come out to this tour, please buy some merch from them or even donate what you can. They are all really good guys and didn’t deserve this at all. Thanks for everyone’s support and concerns.

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