Foo Fighters Stream “Something From Nothing”

foo fighters

The wait is over, Foo fans. The first song off Foo Fighters highly-anticipated new album has found its way online ahead of the record’s November street date.

Arriving on YouTube late Thursday afternoon, “Something From Nothing” showcases the latest evolution of Foo Fighters in just under five minutes’ time. It’s not the immediately catchy track many were expecting, but rather a slow burn effort that builds on a riff that sounds a lot like “Holy Diver” until everything boils over for a final hard rock jam session before things come to a close. I don’t think anyone could have expected this sound, but I’m confident many fans will welcome it with open arms. Check it out:

I’m not crazy, right? That sounds exactly like Dio’s “Holy Diver” at times. Grohl made it his own, no doubt, but you cannot borrow from one of the greatest songs of all time and expect rock fans to not notice.

Foo Fighters will be premiering additional songs off their forthcoming efforts in the weeks ahead, typically through their upcoming Sonic Highways television series. We’ll be covering each episode, as well as everything else Foo have planned. Follow UTG on Twitter for updates.

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  • Shut the Fitch up

    Yup, that was the first thing I thought when I heard it too, is he ripping off a Dio riff? Expecting to hear Dave fess up to it, or at least talk about it, sometime soon. Hopefully the other hits on his new album are better and more original.

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