Andy Shauf Streams “Hometown Hero” From Upcoming LP

Andy Shauf

I found Andy Shauf way too late. It was the drone, somber, and warm, “I’m Not Falling Asleep” that showed me how much musical reward I had missed from this fantastic Canadian artist. Adding to his already great impression on me, Andy Shauf has released another great new track from his upcoming LP, The Bearer Of Bad News.

“Hometown Hero” takes the slow and brooding challenge of “I’m Not Falling Asleep” and gives it a welcomed jolt of sway. Much brighter than the previously released track, “Hometown Hero” opens up Shauf’s sonic roster, and welcomes in new listeners. With The Bearer Of Bad News dropping Feb. 3, 2015 via Tender Loving Empire/Party Damage Records, let “I’m Not Falling Asleep” and “Hometown Hero” tide you over until then.

Be sure to follow us after the jump to enjoy “Hometown Hero,” and be sure to check if Shauf is coming near you here.

Drew Caruso

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