SINGLE REVIEW: Tyler Carter – “Tears On The Runway Pt. 1”

tyler carter

Artist: Tyler Carter
Song: “Tears On The Runway Pt. 1”
Album: Leave Your Love EP

Tyler Carter’s solo work has been anticipated for quite some time now, so the announcement of his debut solo EP, Leave Your Love, created mass excitement in the music scene. Honestly, Carter could not have thought of a better time to release his solo work; the large scale of popularity that his band Issues has gained this past year has skyrocketed his personal career as well, leaving him in an ideal place to launch his solo music. His uniquely driven mainstream style is a lot of what got Issues to the point they are at now, but 2015 is Tyler Carter’s time to shine.

The second of his singles that was released from the EP is “Tears On The Runway Pt. 1.” If it sounds familiar, you probably heard the second part to this song on Issues’ self-titled debut album. The incomplete story was finished on Thursday when Carter released part one, the uplifting and romantic introduction to the relationship that dramatically falls apart in part two.

In comparison to the first single off of Leave Your Love, “Georgia,” “Tears On The Runway Pt. 1” claims its role as the superior. Both of the tracks highlight Carter’s shining mainstream qualities and stunning voice, but “Tears On The Runway Pt. 1” has an unwavering storyline and rhythm to put it above the rest. A heavy R&B style is not too prominent, so a more widespread audience can enjoy it, but has enough radio potential to really get Carter’s name out there.

The jumping R&B sound of Carter’s vocals are tamed in this track and work really well with its theme. The track has a protective tone as Carter assures guest artist, Nylo, of comfort and love. The twinkling background featured in the verses perceive a lighthearted tone, but the rejuvenating moment on this track is the releasing chorus. Carter expresses a smooth and consistent refrain that is strongly amplified by the delicacy of Nylo’s soothing vocals and lyrics. This solidarity throughout the song offers memorable and sincere hooks that anyone can easily sing along too.

The simplicity of “Tears On The Runway Part 1” shows off Tyler Carter’s potential like no other. We’ve seen Carter work his magic in many different forms, but even when you put just his voice and songwriting skills in the spotlight, he continues to impress. This single is the prelude to heartbreak on the Issues album and an anthemic moment for Carter’s solo work.

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