Hulk Hogan Announces He Is Training Riff Raff For The WWE

Riff Raff-41

Riff Raff, AKA Jody Highroller, has always been a celebrity with big ambitions. He may have come from relatively humble beginnings, but anyone following his rise in recent years knows the self-proclaimed neon icon has his eye set on the world’s biggest stages, including – as we just found out – the WWE.

According to a new video uploaded to YouTube over the weekend by none other than legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan, Riff Raff is currently in training to become one of the first musicians to ever crossover to the world of the WWE. Hogan is allegedly training Riff Raff for his time in the ring, which explains why he took the time to create an announcement video for Jody’s participation. You can view the clip below:

It would be easy for people to write this all off as a gag, but from what we can tell it would appear that Riff Raff is one-hundred percent serious about pursuing a bit of time in the WWE, and he seems extremely grateful to have someone as legendary as Hulk Hogan at his side:


Riff Raff’s new album, Neon Icon, is available now wherever music is sold.

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