ENTHEOS (Former Members of Animosity, Animals As Leaders) Stream Debut EP, ‘Primal’


After studio teases galore, ENTHEOS have finally released their debut, four-track EP – a few days earlier than originally expected, too.

“Our EP is done and we couldn’t wait until Sunday to put it out,” the band stated on Instagram.

Aggressive as hell, but more djenty and electronic than we expected, Primal is a rip-roaring good time for fans of groovy, technical death metal. Featuring Navene Koperweis (Animosity, Animals As Leaders, Fleshwrought, The Faceless) on drums, Evan Brewer (Animosity, The Faceless) on bass, Frank Costa (Animosity) on guitar and the awesomely inspiring Chaney Crabb on vocal duties, it’s easy to see the immense talent oozing from this roster and band as a whole.

Stream the EP below via Bandcamp and pick it up for $4. That’s the price of a coffee that’ll last you 10-20 minutes. With repeat listens, Primal can last you the rest of your life and isn’t as bad for your body.

Brian Leak

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  • hegesias

    JFC! When are musicians finally going to ditch these fucking pathetic growlers and go instrumental? Thank god for Animals as Leaders and Chimp Spanner.