UTG INTERVIEW: Bobby Meader Music Talks Career Paths & Writing ‘Breakfast After Noon’

Independent music is a vital realm of the entertainment world. That being said, the industry is very fortunate to have a plethora of artists who continuously pump out material worthy of keeping the public’s attention and admiration. We recently had the pleasure of chatting with singer-songwriter Bobby Meader Music about his journey as a musician and how he brought his new EP, Breakfast After Noon, to fruition.

“Life has definitely gotten more difficult, especially starting so late, but I don’t look back at all,” Meader says as he talks about his journey as a fairly new singer-songwriter. The Las Vegas, Nevada native started writing and recording not too long ago. Although music has played an important role his whole life — having played bassoon since he was in middle school — Meader did not start the proper process until he was twenty-three. “Songwriting started randomly in my apartment with my friend Brandon. It got to be so much fun. Something I actually cared to do well,” he recalls. Before Meader decided to go the musician’s route, though, he worked for a very long time at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. “It was an extremely good job. I owned a house, cars, everything. I gave all of that up to share the songs that I had been writing with people.”

A bit of common ground is met when one’s faith in their passion and a good amount of commitment and drive are put together in hopes of something good materializing. We see this in effect on Meader’s most recent EP, which happens to be his first proper release.

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When asked about his music’s overall characteristics, he shares: “My sound is constantly shifting. The music I listen to doesn’t seem to be the music I create at all,” he says cheerfully. “It’s really weird, actually. Going from solo acoustic records to full band records, then back, etc., it’s always different.” Different is good, though. Different says variety. Different says “never a dull moment.” That’s pretty essential for artists today. On the EP’s title, Meader tells us that there really wasn’t another explanation for it other than waking up late and going to breakfast too late. “Most diners close at 3pm and that really pisses me off,” Meader says, sharing my sentiments on constantly wanting breakfast throughout the day. “The songs were really slow and sad on the EP so it just seemed to make sense. I’m terrible at naming songs and records.” It’s worth noting that Meader’s previous compilation of songs also makes reference to coffee. Its title was Coffee’s All Cold. I don’t know, I kind of like it.

“Like a kid in a candy shop” is how Meader describes going through the process of bringing Breakfast After Noon to life. “I know this sounds cliche, but I really did enjoy the entire process. I love writing songs, getting stoked on them, showing them to my friend Alex Higgins (my engineer/co-producer), recording them in the studio with him, getting friends involved, promoting the record, playing the songs at shows, designing everything with Craig and James of Antique [Records], talking to Brian about press releases, etc. It gives me a natural high to do this kinda stuff. I really can’t explain it.”

There are numerous different possibilities about the route a piece of music could have gone. As Meader previously mentioned, his writing tends to always be different. When asked how this EP could have gone differently, he says, “I probably could have made them metal songs if I really tried,” toying with the idea of a completely different route “but I just didn’t feel like going that direction.” As we’ve said before, some honest thoughts and soulful tunes on an acoustic guitar is always a good way to go about it.

Once asked if he could have anybody in the entire world listen to his record, Meader shared that he loved a bunch of good records that come out on indie labels. “I’m a big fan of Run For Cover, No Sleep, Topshelf, Pure Noise, etc. Labels in that scene. I would probably want Jeff, Chris, Seth or Kevin, Jake or one of them to listen. They’ve all put out some of the best records I’ve heard my entire life.”

Meader shares that later this summer he will be out on the road for a bunch of shows. “We have a booking agent now so I’m really excited to be touring full-band and seeing how the shows differ from booking them myself like I’ve been doing the last 3 years.”

Very genuine in his endeavors, Bobby Meader’s journey as a full-time musician — though only beginning — is a very admirable one. Having left a a career, where he could very well have remained in, to pursue what he loves and enjoys most is something everyone ought to look to. More often than not, people underestimate the power of one’s passion. Meader’s adventure, however, shows us that one can always happily follow a different path and not look back.

As parting words, Meader shares: “Please go support Antique Records in any way possible. They have released some really great records. James, Craig and Brian work very hard to put out records, ship them and promote them. They’re all around bad-ass dudes.”

Interview written and conducted by Dana Reandelar

You can pick up Breakfast After Noon on 7″ vinyl now over at Antique Records.

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