First Red Band ‘Vacation’ Trailer Is Hilariously Self-Aware


“…I’ve never even heard of the original Vacation.”

The first trailer for the upcoming reboot/sequel of National Lampoon’s iconic Vacation franchise has arrived, and it is every bit as hilariously self-aware as one could hope.

Starring Ed Helms as a grown up Rusty Griswold, Vacation finds Helms hoping to keep his family connected by embarking on the same cross-country road trip to Walley World his parents took him on some thirty years prior. His wife, played by Christina Applegate, is not thrilled by this idea, nor are his two sons, but they pack their bags anyway and hit the open road. Hijinks ensue, as do awkward conversations about the definition of a ‘rim job.’ You can view the film’s first trailer below.

Just in case you were wondering, Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo do return in this film as Clark & Ellen Griswold. Their role in the plot remains a bit of a mystery, but just seeing them in the trailer below was more than enough to make my heart soar with joy. I know they’re just characters, but seeing them still together after all these years gives me those same warm fuzzies regular people probably feel when their real life friends manage to make their marriage work.

Chris Hemsworth, Charlie Day, and Leslie Mann also appear in the film. I won’t spoil their roles here, but if you watch the trailer you will probably never think about Thor’s hammer in the same way again.

Vacation opens nationwide this July. Comment below and let me know if you think this film looks like it might be worth your time.

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