UTG PREMIERE: Crown Plaza – “Staring At The Wall”


This morning, we have the privilege of premiering Crown Plaza’s breezy new single, “Staring At The Wall”—an overtly calming cut that seems made for carefree Summer jaunts and deep introspection. It acts as our first glimpse of the LA foursome’s brand new 7-inch EP, which will be released next month through Danger Collective Records. Give it a listen below.

Speaking on the group’s latest undertaking, Crown Plaza mastermind Nima Kazerouni shared:

“‘Staring At The Wall’ is the inner monologue to my life these past several years. Pursuing my love for music and trying to make it work in the midst of being a new father with new responsibilities. It’s about being well aware of that struggle but answering those many superficial questions friends and family tend to have for me that I actually do have my shit together (even if I am a little delusional), and no I will never stop this madness that is writing and performing—for the my own sake and my daughter Vera’s. This track is the electronic, more personal version of a later four-piece rendition that will be coming out early next year via a debut LP.”

If you dig “Staring At The Wall,” you can get acquainted with Crown Plaza’s superbly chill back catalogue here.

Kyle Florence

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