UTG PREMIERE: The Pinx – “Southern Gent”

The Pinx
Today, we’re excited to bring you “Southern Gent,” a rip-roaring bit of real talk courtesy of Atlanta rock revivalists The Pinx. The track is taken from the band’s impending full-length, Freedom, which is set to make landfall on Friday, May 27. Check it out after the break and share your thoughts with us in the replies below.

Speaking with UTG via email, frontman Adam McIntyre shared:

“Harper Lee just died and y’all don’t even know how bad that is. The hipsters in the South have had a real fetish for her over the last decade or so and that’s fine, but don’t let that fool you; Harper Lee got it right in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird.’ Atticus Finch is the Southern Gentleman we should be talking about; he was socially progressive, he stood up for those whose voices weren’t being heard, he did the right thing no matter how goddamn hard it was, he didn’t judge people, he stood up to bullies, he loved his kids, he encouraged his children to look beyond the surface, and he was an expert marksman—though you’d never have known it because he didn’t wave a gun around all over the place like a damn fool.

This song has all kinds of personal relevance to me—the harm I did myself and others when I was younger, all the friends who died before their time—but its question is to you: how do you treat your fellow humans here on Spaceship Earth while you’re briefly on the ride? To answer that I had to resolve my own pain and stop repeating mistakes or I’d wind up dead like my friends back in Alabama. I decided that I needed to start acting less like Joe Dirt and more like Atticus.”

If you dig The Pinx’s latest offering, you can get acquainted with their equally hard-hitting back catalogue here.

Kyle Florence
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