Saddle Of Southern Darkness create evil country born from metal influences

saddle of southern darkness

For starters, Saddle Of Southern Darkness is easily one of the most bad-ass band names I’ve come across in some time. It immediately evokes a sense of ominous intent, something nefarious no doubt.

Although the band’s music may not provide the heaviness one might suspect, given the name, it’s certainly inspired by it, and the overall aura felt while listening is similar to that you might experience with your darkest metals—black, death, and doom.

As a virtually brand new band, SOSD’s nine-track debut is an impressive inaugural outing, drawing comparisons to punk-leaning country artists such as Hank III and Joe Buck Yourself, but with a mostly folky style present overall. It’s alt-country with a dark edge, both in tone and in lyricism.

You can stream Saddle Of Southern Darkness in full below, through Bandcamp, and purchase yourself a copy there or through CD Baby.

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