Decapitated – Human’s Dust [DVD]

Band: Decapitated

Title: Human’s Dust

Genre: Live Show

Release: 07/08

Distributor: MVD

When James gives me a DVD to review from Scandinavia I expect 2 things: it to be recorded in Krakow, and it to be a bit underwhelming. When I watched the Decapitated DVD, Human’s Dust, only one of those was true, and it was recorded in Krakow.

Decapitated is a technical death metal band, and they kick ass. They have amazing guitar riffs, thunderous double bass filled drums, and deep growling vocals. Sure they don’t sing (or speak) in english, but that just lets you focus on the music.

The main feature of the DVD is a concert recorded in Krakow in 2002. This was actually done pretty well. There’s plenty of cameras, so you get a lot of really cool angles. You never miss any of the action. There’s a good number of sweeping crane shots too (which you know I love) to make a really visually interesting experience. The only problem I have with the camera work is the quick zoom in/zoom out that happens a lot. Once or twice is cool, but they just kept doing it.

The audio is good. Everything is mic’d well, especially the bass drum. There’s a good level of crowd noise, so you get the chanting and cheering in polish.

In addition to the main concert, they also have their set from Ozzfest in Katowice in 2002 and their set from Metalmania in Katowice from 2004. Both are recorded and shot just as well. To be quite honest, my favorite recording of the whole dvd is the Metalmania set. They have another guitarist which really fills out their sound (especially during guitar solos). Also, Sauron (the vocalist) has a shaved head which makes him a lot more intimidating because you can actually see his facial expressions.

Other features of the DVD include some interviews (with subtitles) and a music video. Its pretty good stuff. All in all its one of my favorite dvds I’ve reviewed so far.

**Written by: Justin Proper**
Grade: 8/10

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