Earache Records – Immortalised 1986-2000 [DVD]

Label: Earache Records

Title: Immortalised 1986-2000

Genre: Video Collection

Release: 06/10

Distributor: MVD

This DVD was really hard to review as it isn’t any congruent work, but rather short chunks of video put together. It’s 77 minutes of extreme metal music videos and live clips. I’m not going to do a full extensive review because it’s like 30 different movies in one DVD. I’ll tell you one thing though, it’s very interesting to see where the genre came from and some of the awesome bands that made it all happen. Check it out if you like the bands, the record label, or the extreme metal genres, it’s worth it.

Bands Featured: Morbid Angel, Cathedral, Napalm Death, Carcass, Entombed, PitchShifter, Godflesh, Dub War, Sleep, Iron Monkey, Linea 77, At The Gates, Brutal Truth, Misery Loves Co., Extreme Noise Terror, The Berzerker, Vader, Bolt Thrower, Pulkas, Gandalf

**Written by: Justin Proper**
Grade: 7/10

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