We Interviewed A DAY TO REMEMBER!

Last week, James got a chance to speak with Jeremy and a few other members of A Day To Remember when they rolled through Michigan on an off date from they Warped Tour run. You can read all about what happened below and be sure to pick up their album, For Those Who Have Heart, in stores now!:

J: I’m really bad at introducing people, so how about you introduce yourself how you feel it should be done?

ADTR: Hi, I’m Jeremy and I sing for A Day To Remember.

[Other Members of ADTR come and go throughout the interview]

J: You guys have been on tour all summer on Warped and now you’re doing spot dates when not on the tour. How’s this all been going?

ADTR: Summer has been incredible. We’ve met a lot of cool people and we’ve been trying to write all summer. Even the off dates have been going really well.

J: It seems like with Treason there was a lot of anger and then Heart was a lot of “here we are, we’re not going anywhere.” Are there any main themes or ideas coming out of the new record so far in the writing process?

ADTR: Mhm, the next record has a lot to do with how we’re homesick and how our lives have changed because of how much we’ve been on the road. It’s going to be about life on the road and what it’s like to be a band out there today. We try to focus on real world situations so people can easily relate to all that we’re saying.

J: When do you plan to hit the studio again?

ADTR: I believe we’re heading into the studio at the end of October and will remain there throughout all of November. The record should be released near the end of February [2009].

[Some fans distract Jeremy so Tom answers a question for us]

J: So what do you have going as far as touring is concerned in the near to distant future?

ADTR: A few more string dates then 2 more weeks of Warped. Then we go home for about 2 hours and then leave to go out on a full tour with New Found Glory [The Easy Core Tour]. Then we record, then 2 weeks in Australia in December with Parkway Drive. Then maybe a headlining tour in February.

[Jeremy returns]

J: You were nominated for an award recently, correct?

ADTR: We were nominated by Kerrang for best International New Comer. We’re really stoked, but if we win there will be a big fight because we hear you only get one award and we will fight to the death for it.

J: How do you keep from going crazy since you’re on the road for so long?

ADTR: We play this game where we turn out all the lights called “Mystery Hit.” You basically run/move around in the dark and hit everything close to you. It’s actually how we lost our old drummer because Tom hit him in the temple and he died. So we got Alex. It’s even more fun now that we’re on a bus because there’s more space and absolutely no outside light. It’s intense and dangerous.

[Josh from ADTR appears to comment on the hot blonde girl @ Skelletones in Grand Rapids and tells people to add his myspace: www.myspace.com/joshisba]

J: You guys are known for your intense live shows, but if you were able to take an 80’s music act and channel it through your live set, who would it be?

– Jeremy: Are you serious [to Tom]? Kiss, by far.

J: What are you currently listening to?

ADTR: The Maine, Whitechapel, Cute is What We Aim For, The Acacia Strain.

J: Alright, we don’t believe in last questions here, but instead believe in closing statements. The podium is yours and you are free to say whatever you want. Any final thoughts?

– Jeremy: To all of you readers:bring us free things now. Please.

– Tom [as said by Jeremy]: Listen to Lifetime.

J: We know you need to hit the road to make it back to Warped, but thank you for your time.

ADTR: No problem, thank you guys for chatting with us.

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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