Sever Your Ties – Safety in The Sea

Band: Sever Your Ties
Album: Safety In The Sea
Genre: Hard Rock/Christian
Label: Solid State

1. Voice Like A Nova
2. After A Storm
3. Hand in Hand
4. This is What You Get
5. Captive
6. Drifting
7. Things Are Better [Left Unsaid]
8. To The Pacific
9. Here I Am
10. Ashamed
11. [Don’t Fear] The Reaper

Sever Your Ties is a Christian Post-Hardcore band from San Diego, California. So far they have independently released an EP entitled First Sign Of Light, and now, under Solid State Records, their debut album, Safety In The Sea.

For a debut album I must say, Safety In The Sea is above average for sure. Without hearing much about Sever Your Ties ever before I wasn’t so sure about how good they were going to be, but don’t be fooled just because they aren’t very mainstream or popular yet. These guys are full of talent and originality, something that many bands lack now-a-days.

The album starts off with, “Voice Like A Nova.” Normally the first track on an album shows you what to expect throughout the entire album. This album is no different, which is a fantastic thing because this quality song gives you hope and makes you look forward to the other tracks on the cd. The Second Track, entitled, “After A Storm,” is a powerful, energetic, and moving song. It has some pretty technical guitar riffs thrown in with some powerful screams without ruining or losing the message of the track.

I must say that after listening to the first few tracks on this album, I noticed it was really well written and I had high hopes for the rest of the album. Fortunately for me, there is not one song that will let you down. My personal favorite track on this cd was, “To The Pacific.” It starts out with a heavy drum beat and brutal throat straining screams and then continues to amaze throughout.

One thing I really liked about this album is that all the way to the last track it kept my attention, and you could tell it was the same band, but nothing blending together. The last track was a cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s, “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.” This was a solid cover and the fact they added a little bit of their sound to the song without totally butchering it was great. In my opinion not butchering a cover is something I can really respect a band for.

These guys are young and this is their debut album, but you’d really be surprised if you didn’t know that. They play extremely well together and have a lot of talent. This isn’t the best album I have ever heard this year, but it deserves a lot of credit for such a young and aspiring band. If you haven’t heard these guys, check them out. I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us in the future.

*Written By: Danny Weiss*
GRADE: 7/10

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