Century – Black Ocean

Band: Century
Album: Black Ocean
Genre: Metal
Label: Prosthetic

1. Pantheon
2. Black Ocean
3. Erasure
4. Drug Mule
5. Equus
6. Rising Sun
7. Monolith
8. Daylight Algorithm
9. Dysgenics
10. Terror Starts At Home

Century is a Metalcore band hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Before, Black Ocean, they had two prior releases; Century EP, which was self-released in 2005 and also, Faith And Failure, which was released under Tribunal Records in 2006. I have heard both of these albums and I must say they are progressing greatly with each release, becoming more advanced in sound and technique.

Black Ocean starts off with a bang, a track entitled “Pantheon.” This song gives you a preview of how far they have come since their past albums. “Pantheon” is strait to the point; it shows you that they are a talented band, full of energy and passion. It’s a pretty heavy song that will keep you on your toes throughout.

The Second track entitled “Black Ocean” shares the name of the album. If they could sum up every ounce of ambition they had during the 33 minutes the album lasted this is the song to do it. Let me promise you it doesn’t fail. This is by far the best track on the album. If there is going to be one stand out track from this band, this one stands the best chance. It shows that they can be technical, catchy, slow, fast, and everything in-between and it’s all compacted into only about three and a half minutes.

Another track I really enjoyed off of this new album is, “Drug Mule.” As the track reaches the end you will come across the most intense part of the track. If you didn’t get it by the title, the song is about how drugs can ruin lives. It’s not that much of a breakdown but they scream the words “We had everything; we gave it all away.” This line almost seems to sink directly into my pores. I really respect these guys writing this song due to the fact that it has a good message and that it just sounds downright incredible.

Track eight “Daylight Algorithm” shows that Century can be diverse by showing a lot more variety then they let show on any of the other tracks. It starts off slow and suspenseful with a melodic sounding guitar riff that builds into a much heavier, deeper, and more intense song after a slight bit more then a minute and a half into the song. The first time I heard this track I got chills. As far as technicality, this song takes the cake.

There were very few things that I didn’t care for on this album. I really would have enjoyed and extra track because personally I felt there was still a little bit more room for variety, and felt a bit ripped off because “Dysgenics” is just an unnecessary extended intro to the last track “Terror Starts At Home”.

If you were a fan of either of Century’s prior releases, I assure you, you will be greatly impressed by this album. They have progressed greatly since their last album (Faith And Failure) and this album screams it. There is a decent amount of variety on this album (However it could use more), and it’s pretty original. Even though this is a well put together album, I believe they have a lot more potential and talent which I hope to see in future releases.
*Written By: Danny Weiss*
GRADE: 8/10

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