Cat Stevens – Tea For The Tillerman [DVD]

Band: Cat Stevens

Title: Tea For The Tillerman Live

Genre: Live Show

Release: 09/02

Distributor: MVD

If you’ve been following the site and my reviews at all you know that I’m a devout follower of the church of brutality. Today I get to show my rarely seen softer side with my review of Cat Stevens: Tea For The Tillerman Live.

Let me just start out by saying this was a recording from 1971. Even so, the video quality was very very good. It was more clear and less grainy than things I’ve reviewed from this millennium. The concert is a very intimate and private ordeal. Its just Cat Stevens and his band standing in a room playing to a bunch of people sitting down. The camera work is amazing. Nice slow zooms and pans, all fitting very nicely with the tone of the performance. There’s a really nice soft focus with soft light combo that is just perfect.

Usually recordings from the early 70’s aren’t very clear in the audio department. This DVD is the exception. It sounds as clear as a cd. There’s barely any noticeable background noise, and all the levels are clean. Cat Stevens plays flawlessly and soulfully as always for a stunning performance.

If you’re a longtime fan of any folk music, or are just getting in to it, this DVD will not disappoint.

**Written by: Justin Proper**
Grade: 8/10

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