We Interviewed …And Hell Followed With!

Taking a step away from the biggest acts at the moment, this time around we at UTG are bringing you your first one on one with tomorrow’s next big act. Statik Factory Records’ And Hell Followed With bring crushing metal and poignant lyrics together in a tornado of sound that’s sure to open up a pit near you. We recently spoke with the band and here’s what they had to say:

J: So, you have quite an interesting name, what is the back story to it?

AHFW: Well, it’s a reference to 2 things: The passage in revelations where
death steps through the seventh seal and hell follows with him, and
the Johnny Cash song in the Dawn of the Dead remake where he quotes
that part. We’re fans of zombies.

J: You recently joined the Statik Factory family, how did you come in
contact with Alex and his label?

AHFW: Alex actually contacted us after listening to the demo tracks we had on our myspace at the time at the recommendation of his brother Yuri, who had heard of us. After listening to the two tracks, Alex sent us a message saying that he wanted to discuss a record deal.

J: I know you’ve just finished recording your label debut, could you tell
us a little about the recording process?

AHFW: The recording process had its grueling moments, and its truly fun
moments. It was definitely a learning experience on our part, and has
strengthened us as musicians and as a band entirely. It was a tough
process, tearing ourm own songs apart that we’d been playing for a
year and re-writing them to make the album as tight as possible.

J: To even take a step backwards from that, you guys have an intense
sound, how does the songwriting process take place for you?

AHFW: It usually starts at the drawing board with our guitarists Pat and
Kyle writing an entire song on their own, and then they jam them
together, re-working some of the parts. After they tighten they’re
parts up, the entire band hears the song (usually in midi format
online, or in guitar pro), everyone throws in opinions and criticisms,
and the song gets an edit to adhere to all those suggestions. Then we
jam the songs live to see how they feel to us and we again make some
edits to the song to tighten it up. We’re very crucial about our sound
live, so we try and take a lot of time when crafting our songs.

J: Any fall tour plans in the works that you can share with us?

AHFW: Actually, yes. Aside from the first week and a half of October, we
will spend the rest of the month on the road with Suffokate and with
Woodhaven on some select dates as well. It’s our first national tour
and we’re pumped to get on the road with a band like Suffokate, who
we’ve been listening to for awhile.

J: So many bands can’t seem to keep it together financially, do you guys
have any game plan to make sure you stay afloat?

AHFW: All we can really do is watch every dollar we spend, and try and make
intelligent decisions on the things we DO spend our money on. Other
than that, it’s basically fingers crossed! hahaha

Random Time:

J: If your band had to be related to a fictional team [Justice League,
The Planeteers, Deathklok, etc], who do you think you’d be and why?

AHFW: Probably the movie Evil Dead, if anything. There’s zombies, carnage,
and Kendall’s like that tree.

J: Let’s say each night you had to enter the stage to a pop song from the
90’s, what would it be and why?

AHFW: Either “I Saw the Sign” by Ace A Base or “If You Wanna Be My Lover” by
Spice Girls because those are high quality songs.

J: November is right around the corner…any political thoughts to share?

AHFW: Cthulhu in 2008.

J: We don’t believe in final questions, only closing statements. The
floor is yours and you cannot plug your album or tour. Speak your

AHFW: We just curmied! Windbombz and snakeoid-oid-oidz! Don’t be a reptoid,
and avoid the Illuminati at all cost. Metal, bro! DIO!

*Written By: James Shotwell*

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