North – What You Were

Band: North
Album: What You Were
Genre: Post Rock/Hardcore
Label: Cavity

1. Possibilities
2. Ghosts Among Us
3. I Am Become Death
4. Failing In Perpetuum
5. Intentions
6. Eidolon
7. What You Were
8. Perspectives
9. Veiled In Light
10. Reflections 

Every now and then a band comes along and makes a permanent impression on me.  Whether it’s a good one or a bad one, it sticks.  I get the impression on the new album from North that Kyle Hardy may be caught in a cycle of regurgitated vocal rumblings sufficient for an upset stomach or a car about to lose its muffler.  Where is the diversity?  The only thing that keeps this album from feeling like one continuous song are the three instrumental breaks that barley show off the bands actual musical talents.  The music in this album is very interesting and the ambient feel on most of the songs shows true musicianship on behalf of the band, until it is penetrated by the same old growl time and time again.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good scream, but mix it up a little.  The highlight of the album came at about halfway through track 4, Falling in Perpetuum, where the vocals ascended from the usual constant monotone growl to an emotional feel-it-in-your-gut hair raiser.  My arms got goose-bumps and I was reminded of the early years when the Deftones were actually trying.   I found myself wanting more of these vocals and less lose-muffler sound the entire way through the rest of the album.  It was only after I had fought my way through to the end that I realized the vocals I was dying to hear utilized again were a guest spot by Robert Smith.  If substance is something you’re looking for, I suggest your favorite fast food joint, because this album will leave you feeling like you just drank a gallon of water south of the border. 

*Written By: Dr. Nuge*
GRADE: 5/10

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