Comeback Kid – Through The Noise

Band: Comeback Kid
Album: Through The Noise
Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Label: Victory Records

1. False Idols Fall
2. Die Tonight
3. Broadcasting…
4. Partners in Crime
5. Changing Face
6. Industry Standards
7. Defeated
8. All in a Year
9. Step Ahead
10. Talk Is Cheap
11. The Trouble I Love
12. Hailing on Me
13. Our Distance – Comeback Kid, Agapito, Jim
14. Lorelei
15. Wake the Dead
16. Give’r (Reprise)
17. Final Goodbye

Through The Noise is all of the intensity and fury that is Comeback Kid’s live performance, captured perfectly. This album makes you forget that you’re listening to a recording and puts you right into the concert, front and center. Through The Noise is nothing short of intense from the get go. The shouting of, “Your time is up!” explodes from the audience as the first track, “False Idols Fall,” begins. It’s this interaction that really immerses you in the music and makes you feel like you are right there.

If you’re a long time fan of the band, you’ll find all of your favorite Comeback Kid songs here. They reach all the way back to their beginning, playing the first song they ever wrote: “All In A Year.” Songs from their last album, Broadcasting also rocked it onto Through The Noise. The recording quality is excellent; nothing is sacrificed in the music’s live form. Every guitar riff and every drum hit come through loud and clear. Vocalist Andrew Neufeld’s voice punches through in every song, never letting up.

This is Comeback Kid’s second release since Neufeld has replaced former band mate Scott Wade as vocalist in 2006. Through The Noise proves yet again that Neufeld is truly a force to be reckoned with. The raw power and emotion in his voice is nothing short of amazing. On songs like, “Defeated,” and, “False Idols Fall,” you can really feel all of the desperation and apprehension in his words. His voice and the band’s unique and polished approach to the genre set Comeback Kid aside from all of the other hardcore acts out there today.

There is definitely no lack of enthusiasm at any point in Through The Noise. The only thing that took away from this album was the fading-out that took place every few songs. It really disrupted the feeling of listening to a live performance. Although this was annoying, it definitely was not enough to ruin such a great CD. Comeback Kid has succeeded where so many others fail: They made an awesome live album.

Grade: 9/10

Written By: Kyle Viana

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