Dustin Kensrue – The Good Night Is Still Everywhere

Band: Dustin Kensrue
Album: The Good Night Is Still Everywhere
Genre: Acoustic/Christmas/Covers
Label: Vagrant

1. Christmas [Baby Please Come Home]
2. Christmas Blues
3. Blue Christmas
4. Fairytale of New York
5. The Good Night Is Still Everywhere
6. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
7. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
8. God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
9. O Holy Night
10. This Is War

Christmas music is typically terrifying. I cannot tell you how many times I have felt like strangling myself in various department stores as a result of hearing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” 400 times within a 2 hour time span. It happened to me 3 times alone today – and it’s only the middle of November.

That being said, Dustin Kensrue’s This Good Night Is Still Everywhere comes as a breath of fresh air to the world of Christmas music. The 10-track digital only release offers up Dustin’s take on 8 Christmas classics, such as “O Holy Night” and “God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen”, as well as 2 new originals.

Unique to Kensue’s album is the capture of the often forgotten about moods of Christmas, which is not as depressing as it may sound. Songs like “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” evoke emotions of missing loved ones during the cold months, while “Fairytale of New York,” a bittersweet Irish folk tale of a drunken man’s recollection of holidays past, evokes somberness and regret. It’s somewhat of a different take on Christmas, but a truthful one.

The album is at its strongest points, however, during Kensrue’s originals; “This Is War” and the title track, “This Good Night is Still Everywhere,” which has the ability to make you forget every other Christmas song you’ve ever heard. Fans of Please Come Home (Kensrue’s debut album) will undoubtedly enjoy the new tracks, while newcomers will get a pleasant taste of what the diverse singer/songwriter is capable of. The only setback the release has is its length. Only 3 songs come in at over 3 minutes long, leaving a few of the tracks feeling abbreviated and wishing for more.

Ultimately, what makes Kensrue’s record beautiful is that it is simple; it is not overly produced, it is not corny, it does not feature a single choir or orchestra. The absence of those elements allows it to be an honest record while still maintaining a classic holiday feel.

If you have been a good boy or girl this year, hope that Santa will stuff your stockings with Good Night Is Still Everywhere …it goes great with a cup of hot cocoa and the scarf of your choice.
*Written By: Drew Behringer*
Grade: 8.5/10

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