Lights At Sea – Lights At Sea

Band: Lights At Sea
Album: Lights At Sea
Genre: Post Rock
Label: Unsigned

1. Noir
2. 19
3. Bateau
4. Be Silent
5. The War Came Home
6. Steps

There seems to be a rise in the youth post rock scene as of late. As Explosions in The Sky, Giants, and others begin getting more and more attention, there has be a flux in the underground music scene with people moving from an over abundance of hardcore to a now bulging instrumental rock scene. Lights At Sea is one of these fresh faced bands and if we at UTG have any say or power to us, we will do anything to see them atop the scene in general. This is the future of Post Rock [and they don’t even have a record deal…Yet.]

The Light At Sea self titled demo came to UTG through the band contacting us on Myspace. As I’ve mentioned before, this has been a big year for me and the post rock scene, so I instantly jumped at the chance to work the release. “Noir,” began shortly after putting the album into my computer and I was entranced from the get go. There’s this slow build that doesn’t tease you with some hints at epic eruption, but rather simmers like a pot about to boil an gets really into the grooves. I mean, it doesn’t eventually become very large and erratic, but that’s only momentary as the track dissolves as well as it builds and leads gloriously into, “19.” This is a bit more quick paced, but still brooding and technical. Lights at Sea are not ones to jump around a lot, but rather develop and work inside an atmosphere they create from the ground up. Whether it’s a swirling series of notes that slowly evolve or just the drum work, it all paints a intensely gorgeous picture of sound.

The true greatness of this release can be capsulized with, “Be Silent,” and, “The War Came Home.” These two tracks both have great tempo and structure that I don’t see how anyone could not appreciate. Even if you don’t know if you like post rock, give these two tracks a chance. The guitars, bass, and drums collide in purely perfect form that syncs up with everyone that hears it.

As for, “Bateau,” and, “Steps,” they are solid, but not exactly the best the band has to offer As far as flow and thematic elements go, they sync up perfectly and they aren’t bad at all, but they shouldn’t be your first experience with Lights at Sea.

As far as pure talent and skill go, Lights At Sea are decades ahead of everyone else in the post rock scene. Why this band has yet to be discovered is beyond me and the rest of UTG, but I don’t think it’ll be much longer before labels are knocking at their door. It’s refreshing to hear a band filled with people who have a passion for music, but don’t take themselves too seriously. Lights At Sea are the future of Post Rock. End. Of. Story.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Grade: 9.5/10

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