You Me At Six – Take Off Your Colours

Band: You Me At Six
Album: Take Off Your Colours
Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Slam Dunk

1. The truth is a Terrible Thing
2. Gossip
3. Call That a Comeback
4. Jealous Minds Think Alike
5. Save it For The Bedroom
6. Take Off Your Colours
7. You’ve Made Your Bed
8. If You Run
9. Tigers and Sharks
10. If I were In Your Shoes
11. Always Attract
12. Nasty Habits
13. The Rumour

The DIY world is becoming the only world in the music industry that can make money. Bands are now selling as much unsigned as signed thanks to the digital revolution. One of the bands doing this quite well is You Me At Six. Take Off Your Colours is the bands latest release which I will admit, I wasn’t too thrilled to hear. After glancing at the band and the way they promoted themselves, I jsut wasn’t ready for another flash in the pan, pretty faced, pop rock group, but after finally being talked into reviewing the album, I must say, my ears were overjoyed.

I think I’m growing older because the amount of illicit sexcapades that spews from the mouth of YMAS’ 17 year old vocalist is a bit shocking, but it’s done with the tongue in cheek sensibilities of Say Anything to an extent that you laugh as much as you gasp at the wordplay. These young guys can write hooks to leave you int he air and tracks like, “Gossip,” is chock full of enough “woahs” to make even Hellogoodbye cry. It’s all done with a certain fresh sound that makes it worth your time.

In addition to the pre-destined to be catchy writing, the sound of this record is unbelievable. At a time when music is about as slickly produced as the artist’s hair, You Me At Six have made a rough, dirty sounding album that echoes early pop punk bands. It’s this feeling of youth that really got me into what I was hearing and made me desire for more.

To hit up some direct tracks. Take your time and spin, “Gossip,” “Save it For The Bedroom,” and, “Tigers and Sharks.” If you’re in a hurry though, “Gossip,” is the one to hit. The chorus is perfect and the music is built well.

You Me At Six may be the best band the world doesn’t know yet, but if there’s any form of a musical God, they will. This album needs to be heard and deserves to as well. I can’t believe I sat on it as long as I did, but hopefully none of you, if given the chance, do the same. Take Off Your Colours is worth your money, trust me.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
Grade: 8.5/10

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