The Friday Night Boys – That’s What She Said

Band: The Friday Night Boys
Album: That’s What She Said
Genre: Pop
Label: Fueled By Ramen

Track Listing:
1. Chasing a Rock Star
2. That’s What She Said
3. Celebrity Life
4. High School
5. Thursday Night Pregame

That’s What She Said, is the newest release from pop-rockers The Friday Night Boys. Pounding drums and distorted guitar provide the backdrop for the group’s poppy vocal melodies and high harmonies. The groups newest five song release rolls through tongue-in-cheek songs about high school angst and rock star fantasies like they’re toilet paper (unfortunately, the album is not so great for ass-wiping). While the musical content at face value seems more than a tad droll, the musicianship of the group, especially the DragonForce-esque guitar solos, provide a sense that all is not unwell with the group. That’s What She Said, can easily be classified as songs about high school, scene queens, and gearing up for the big homecoming game, but maybe there is something more to it. 

The album kicks off with the cheeky track, “Chasing a Rock Star.” It’s an incredibly poppy start to the album, but the song has an intensely driving backing track. What’s most striking is the quality of the power and subtlety of the drumming, which keeps the song chugging along, even when the song reaches a sappy chorus. If you’re familiar with Simple Plan, you’re familiar with the basic idea of this song. The only real difference is that The Friday Night Boys are 3 notches weaker. Yeah, “Chasing a Rock Star,” is like a diet version of Simple Plans’ “I’m Just a Kid.”

Unfortunately as the album progresses it doesn’t get any better. The title track is lamer than FDR’s legs. The chorus spouts, “She’s so scene; Hollywood queen…” In all honesty if you get this far in the album and you read above an 8th grade level, you need to evaluate what you’re doing with your life. If at some point you start to regain feeling in your brain, please jump ahead to the final track, “Thursday Night Pregame.” This is without a doubt the most humorous track on the album. Part of me hopes that it is intentional, but my left toe is not as smart as my brain, so I’m pretty sure the track is legit. While I have a great appreciation for a good vocal harmony intro, this song just sounds ridiculous. Even the Jetson’s had better songs for their movie, and Tiffany performed most of that garbage.

If you’re 13, this could be a fantastic album about chasing girls, falling in love with rock stars, and living through the rigors of teenage life. However, if you’re looking for great music, this is not for you. If The Friday Night Boys were looking to make a funny spoof album, they nailed it, if not… ouch. 

*Written By: Matt Bullock*
 Grade: 4.0/10

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