These Greens Eyes – Relapse To Revovery


Band: These Green Eyes
Album: Relapse To Recovery
Genre: Rock
Label: Blackledge Music

Track Listing:
1. At The End
2. Paramedic
3. Kick The Crutch
4. Tell Me Everything
5. Drunk Driver
6. Two Minute Warning
7. Blood, Sweat, and Beers
8. Sucker Punch
9. Last Call At The Dolly
10. Words
11. Time Of Our Lives 

These Green Eyes definitely did not turn out to be what I expected. And in this instance, that’s a good thing. Probably even a great thing. You know how you can usually predict how an album is going to be, just by listening to the first song or two? Yeah, well… Relapse To Recovery isn’t anything like that. 

Instead, the album is a constant and natural evolution, never lingering in the same place for too long. You can hear a wide influence that draws form alternative, indie, and rock, coming through in new proportions with each song. There’s always some new element to be heard with each progressing track. Just by listening you can tell how carefully crafted each song was, every one having its own intricacies and subtleties. 

Probably the most outstanding quality of the album is the powerful vocal performance from singer, Colin Cunningham. Great control, range, emotion – it’s all there. His voice just sounds so full and solid on all of the songs that you can’t help but be blown away them. The lyrics are mature and heartfelt, not much unlike the music. It seemed to me that Relapse To Recovery proved its worth over and over again, where ever I looked. 

These Green Eyes is definitely a band that knows what they’re doing and has it all together. If there ever was a release to renew the faith in the tiring alt. rock genre, this is it. Just when everything seemed tapped out, These Green Eyes managed to create something fresh. There’s quality song writing here; something that you don’t always find in bands of this vein nowadays. Look for Relapse To Recovery to be out March 24th, and you would be well advised to check it out. Believe me, it’s worth it. 

*Written By: Kyle Viana*
 Grade: 9/10

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