Chamillionaire Ends Mixtape Messiah Series

Grammy Award winning Houston, Texas rapper Chamillionaire has announced that the seventh installment of his Mixtape Messiah series will be available on August 4th.


According to Chamillionaire, Mixtape Messiah 7 will be his final chapter in the popular series.


“Download it, take it, do what you want with it, just know that this is the final chapter, no more, done. I’m moving on to something else, bigger and better things. I’m going to call them authorized leaks. CD’s and songs that I have authorized to be in the public.”


After Mixtape Messiah 7, Chamillionaire’s new mixtapes will consist of original material, breaking with the current trend of rhyming over established artists’ instrumentals.


“We aren’t jacking everyone’s beats [anymore]. We are creating a bunch of fresh, new innovative material,” Chamillionaire continued.


Chamillionaire recently released a track off of Mixtape Messiah 7 titled “Denzel Washington,” which features Z-Ro.

courtesy of AllHipHop

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