Jay-Z to sign book deal?

According to The New York Observer, Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z is nearing in on a book deal that will include the release of a book on lyrics.

Jay-Z is almost in the final step of the book deal which is being made with Spiegel & Garu, an imprint of Random House.

Matthew Guma, Jay Z’s literary agent, pitched three types of books to publishers including a traditional memoir, a business book, and a book in which Jay-Z gives the back story to his lyrics.  Spiegel & Garu are attempting to acquire the book on Jay Z’s lyrics.

If published, the book will become a first for Jay-Z. When The Black Album was released in 2003 their were plans for a book entitled The Black Book to be released as well, but plans to release the book were cancelled by Jay-Z.

As of yet there is no release date for the book and neither Jay-Z or his agent have commented on the deal.

courtesy of HipHopDX

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