NEW: Skep – “Vertical”

I know it has been a little slow around UTG Review lately in regards to new hip-hop music. I’m sorry. I’m also sorry to say that Skep will no longer be hosting his 32 Thursdays anymore with UTG Review, but of course there is some good from that news:

Skep will be releasing a mixtape! Be sure to stay alert and look for the next Skep update. For now, check out his new track, “Vertical.”

Click here to listen to: Skep – “Vertical” (2009)

I’ve decided to put my 32 Thursdays on hold for a few weeks. The idea came to me to do a mixtape entitled “Don’t Be A Skeptik” I mean, that’s all I’ve been telling people for the past 6 months so I might as well put together a mixtape to show them WHY they shouldn’t be a Skeptik. What I want to do is take my best tracks from “Who’s Better Wednesdays” and seven or eight of the 32’s recorded on original beats, and couple them with some album quality tracks on original beats to form a mixtape that guarentees that you will be a believer. I see it as a way to prove to YOU that I honestly DO rip EVERYTHING. The first “album” cut I recorded for the mixtape is a track called “Vertical” produced by TrackBangas( and its a record about the ups and downs we go through day to day in life.

Young Skeptik

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